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Slight increase in service availability charge deferred

In March 2018 Rural Electric Cooperative increased the service availability charge from $14 to $17 each month to help recover the cost of delivering electricity to your home and business. Last year during the announcement of the increase in the service availability charge, it was also discussed after a year there would be an additional slight increase. Recently the Board of Trustees met, and because of the efficiency of our employees, equipment and finances the increase is going to be deferred at this time.

Tree giveaway set for February 16

Rural Electric Cooperative has over 2,900 miles of electric distribution lines and clearing trees is an on-going project. One of the ways REC can provide reliable, affordable electric power is through its right-of-way clearing program which includes pruning, removals and chemical control. In addition to removing trees, REC crews also prune new growth during their daily routines.

REC recognizes two employees for Employees of the Year in 2018

Every year REC recognizes employees who exceed in their defined job description, achieve outstanding results in certain areas and demonstrate loyalty to the Cooperative, and 2018 wasn’t any different. Since 1994, REC has honored these employees as its Employees of the Year. Beginning in 2010, REC started recognizing two employees – one from administration and one from operations.

Both the 2018 Employees of the Year are loyal and dedicated employees who are active in their community and strive to make REC a better workplace.