RF meter install half complete

RF meter install half complete

At the beginning of this year, Chapman Metering began installing REC’s new Radio Frequency meters. Presently, Chapman Metering is half complete and on schedule to complete changing out all the meters by the end of the year.

“Everything is on schedule and going well,” says Jodie Wright, Meter Supervisor. “We are pleased with the progress and looking forward to having all the meters deployed and active.”

Chapman Metering have already finished installing meters around Naples, Rush Springs, Foster, Cox City, Bray, Brady, Farwell, Pernell and Wynnewood areas. The new metering system provides more information to the members about their energy usage and provides additional knowledge for REC’s employees to know where to start fixing the problem. 

“The new meters provide our linemen with more information in the field so they can see what is happening and resolve the problem faster,” Wright adds. “Our linemen can use their iPads and have the information they need in their hands without having to call the dispatchers and ask additional questions.”

The new meters are integrated with REC’s Outage Management System allowing the dispatchers to see what is happening before the members can call in. The meters are continually sending information to REC about energy usage and what is happening in the field through the routers and collectors. Even though the meters are capable of sending information faster to REC, please call in your power outages. 

“This system allows us to offer more information to our members,” says Ed Bevers, Manager of Engineering. “This information helps the member pinpoint what is happening and grants REC the ability to determine the best solution because we are now receiving 15-minute interval reads of the energy consumption versus 24 hour reads.”

According to Wright, the possibilities are endless with this new metering system. Once the system is fully deployed, it will aid the linemen in getting the members back on faster during large outages, help trouble shoot while in the field and assist employees in working more quickly and efficiently.

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