From the feed yard to show rings

From the feed yard to show rings

Starting as a way to semi-retire, Brent and Sherri Kuehny moved with their kids Kayla and Grayson to Elmore City, Oklahoma in 1997 from Larned, Kansas to start their own feed yard. They brought the knowledge and practices they learned from a large-scale feedlot to Oklahoma and started their own small-scale operation. 

“Brent helped manage a feedlot of about 30,000 head of cattle,” Sherri says. “After we bought this place, we slowly started to grow our operation to what it is today.”

When they moved they started with one barn and one pen. Today they have 24 pens, own 530 acres and lease 3,000 acres and can house up to 4,000 head of cattle. Dollar K Cattle Company is a grow yard which takes weaned calves and teaches them to eat and gain weight. Once the calves get to Dollar K Cattle Company they will spend about 90 days before being sent to a feedlot to finish out.

“We get the calves and take the bawl out of them and teach them to eat out of a bunk,” Sherri adds. “We get them ready so they can go to a feedlot where they will excel. The calves come to us, for the most part, only knowing how to eat grass and we get to teach them the rest.”

While Brent is an integral part the of daily operation and management of the calves, Sherri is involved with record keeping and the accounting for Dollar K Cattle Company. Sherri is originally from Texas, and her cutting horse background led to show horses being added to their operation. 

“My parents have cutting horses and I grew up showing them,” Sherri explains.  “We use our cowboy horses every day as we only use horses to work the cattle. But as our kids moved out to go to college we were looking for things to do together and a break from the feed yard during our slower times, so we got into showing horses. After the first time Brent rode a competitive cutting horse he was hooked.”

With the desire to get back into showing cutting horses, Brent found a horse from a breeder in Stillwater, Okla. However, they really did not know what they were actually getting when they bought the horse.

“You know the saying you only get one good dog in your lifetime – well that is also true with horses and he just happens to be in the barn right now,” Sherri explains. 

'Dragging A Hawk' or “Hawk” for short, started with Dollar K Cattle Company when he was three-years-old. Quickly Hawk’s personality and his love to compete began to show and they realized Hawk was special. 
“He is fun to show,” Sherri adds. “His personality shines during competitions and he has drawn his own fan base.”

During Hawk’s lifetime he has acquired $110,000 in earnings. He has won several titles including 2018 AQHA World Champion. 

While all the horses at Dollar K Cattle Company are trained to be used in their daily operation, they now own four show horses for their showing hobby and stay busy with competitions.

“We love being able to share our time and success with each other, while maintaining our operation,” Sherri concludes.

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