Bar Nunn Ranch a place to create

Bar Nunn Ranch a place to create

Located two hours north of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro and one hour south of Oklahoma City in Antioch, Oklahoma lies Bar Nunn Ranch, a place for meetings, celebrations, ranching, and also a dwelling for the mind to explore and create.

The vision of Bar Nunn Ranch started with Les Nunn when he moved to Oklahoma in 2007 and has continued to grow as the years have passed. Les was looking for a location where people were known and the winters’ warm. Growing up in the flour and feed milling business in Evansville, Indiana, from an early age he was instilled with the value of meeting the customers’ needs by providing the best product for his customers, helping solve their needs and expected to be a benefit to the community.

These values helped shape Les to become a lawyer, a professor and an overall lifelong learner. As a lawyer, he served as a JAG officer in the military. He worked with the Navajo Indian Tribe in Arizona and New Mexico as the tribe lawyer and helped cultivate 10,000 plus acres of desert into thriving crop land. Les also has served as a judge in Colorado. He raised his five children across the world and helped instill the same values of community, people and serving others while fostering the idea of creativity, in which he was raised.

When Les decided to move to Oklahoma with the vision of his ranch, he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted a place where people could get out of their everyday thinking and let their minds wonder and collaborate with others to answer the old question of why not? With his vision set, his daughter Laura and her family moved from Utah and joined him to help guide Bar Nunn Ranch into the future. Laura and Scott Carnagie live on the ranch and greet all the guests and travelers. 

Bar Nunn Ranch offers space for business meetings in the wide openness of the country as well as providing space for parties, weddings, hay rides and conferences. The large arena on the property houses spaces for large meetings and has three seperate sections with the largest including an arena for polo tournaments.

Les’ love of education is found throughout the ranch as guests see sheep grazing in the pastures when they drive down the curves of the driveway.

“I am working on a new breed of sheep," Les adds. "This breed is being developed to help third world countries, combat their food needs. The goal is not only to help third world countries meet their needs, but also provide the "farm to table" experience for everyone else here on the ranch. Laura’s husband Scott is a five and four-star chef and we are working on ways to incorporate cooking in what we are doing here.”

Bar Nunn is not just a place for business meetings, but for local groups to come and meet-up for photography tours and nature walks, and for schools and students to come explore and experience beyond the classroom.

“We want this to be a place where not just businesses can benefit with a meeting place, or church groups, but schools can allow their students to use everything they are trying to teach the students in a creative and new way,” Laura adds.

They have recently built and are putting the finishing touches on an arena for Charreadas – Mexican Rodeos. There is a roping arena already in place set up to standards of the International Pro Rodeo Association and future plans include adding shows about Native Americans and the different tribes found around south central Oklahoma would include a traditional meal.

“With Scott and Laura’s background in the restaurant business, incorporating cooking is a natural fit,” Les adds.

While Bar Nunn Ranch may appear to have the typical elements of a ranch, it also offers more - it is a place for the mind to explore, learn and create.

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